Road Safety

Issues on Road Safety is gaining momentum as it is being monitored by the Committee on Road Safety constituted by Supreme Court of India on behalf of the court to look after the various issues on road Safety and to have a control on fatal Road Traffic Accidents and loss of lives. As per the direction of the Road Safety Committee constituted by Supreme Court of India 2012 the following committee has been constituted by Transport Department as the Nodal Department:-

1. Road Safety Council - Headed by Hon’ble Minister, Transport Department--- Notification no 113/MV/T dated: 13/5/10.

2. Road Safety Committee (District Level) ---- 112/MV/T/ dated: 13/5/10

3. Lead Agencies ---- GOS/MVD/T/2015-16/Adm/199/670(ii) dated: 27/7/15

The Road Safety Committee has been formed at the State Level and District Level too. Workshop on Aspects of Road Safety in Sikkim was conducted during the year 2014 with representation of all the line departments like Roads& Bridges Department, Health, HRDD, Police, UDHD, Excise Department, Border Roads Organization and NGO’s during which various areas of the subject was covered and valuable inputs and suggestions were exchanged for initiating the appropriate measures in the State pertaining to Road Safety.

  • Workshop cum Meeting on Road Safety Aspects- held on 8th December, 2014 in Gangtok chaired by Hon’ble Minister, Transport, Government of Sikkim.
  • Road Safety Action Plan has been formulated. Time period target was given to all the concerned Departments with specific directions based on the recommendation of the Road Safety Committee, Supreme Court of India.
  • Compliance of different concerned Department on Road Safety Action Plan being monitored by Motor Vehicles Division, Transport Department as Nodal Department.
  • Meeting of Road Safety Council twice year (Half Yearly Basis).
  • Establishment of Road Safety Cell in Motor Vehicles Division.
  • Indian Road Federation (IRF) a constituent autonomous body in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India had convened a meeting of the 9th Regional Conference on October, 2016 wherein the Delegates from every State gave their Representation including our Divisional Nominees.
  • In the Conference different delegates emphasized and recommended Road Safety Initiatives in a pillar wise manner as follows :
  • - A- General

    - B- Detailed recommendation on Pillars

    - Pillar 1- Road Safety Management.

    - Pillar 2-Safer Roads and Mobility.

    - Pillar 3- Safer Vehicles.

    - Pillar 4- Safer Road Users.

    - Pillar 5- Post Crash response.

Funding of Road Safety and Monitoring & Evaluation.

Under Technical Session 6- the avenues for generating sustainable Road Safety Fund incorporating various means as follows:-

  • Establishment of Dedicated fund for road safety initiatives- such fund could be raised from share of toll tax, fines, other levies, and insurance premias.
  • Central and State Governments have dedicated allocation for road safety. These funds be utilized for priority safety problems like black spot removal, ROB, underpass for NH/SH etc.
  • PPP is a good means for implementing advanced technology for enhancement of road safety and holds a great promise for 24X7 traffic enforcement in large cities. (Speed enforcement & red light violation, etc).
  • Parliamentarians be requested to use MPLAD Funds for undertaking extensive Road Safety Works.
  • Mobilize Corporates (as committed by Hero Moto Corps) to contribute/ take ownership of area within 20 km radius of their Industry/ Factory to make it accident free zone. Propagate this in Delhi with the help of FICCI/CII/ASSOCHAM/PHDCCI. Delhi’s success can be emulated across the nation.

Road Safety Fund was created and the State Government has provided the Road Safety Fund to the tune of INR 13.93 Lakhs for the current financial year 2015-16 for monitoring Road Safety Events. As per the direction of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Government of India the State observes the Road Safety Week every year with events like awareness camps, medical checkups, rallies and refresher courses to drivers and road users. During the week the Motor Vehicles Division imparts knowledge to all the road users, 26 participation of various school students for essay competition and duly felicitating the best drivers and appreciating the efforts of all enforcing agencies of the State.

Recently the Recommendations of the 9th Indian Road Federation India Chapter held at India Habitat Center, New Delhi has been reviewed wherein they have made a pillar wise suggestions on road safety duly providing a means to manage a sustainable Road Safety Fund Creation. They have stated that the Fund can be created by mobilizing corporate sector and various industrial units for taking road safety example cited was Hero Moto Corp in Delhi. Certain portion of the fines, taxes, cess collected can be utilized for Road Safety Initiatives, use of MPLAD funds and some portion of the Insurance premium form the insurance companies. Each State shall have to create a State Road Safety Fund for taking road safety issues and quarterly follow up of the action taken shall be given to Road Safety Committee. Regular meeting of the Council is being held to discuss the progress and steps taken as per the Action Plan. Compliance report is sought from all the States on quarterly basis by Committee on Road Safety, Supreme Court of India. The Committee on Road Safety is strictly monitoring the compliance of Road Safety actions being taken up by all the States.

The Transport Department, Motor Vehicle Division has created a fully functional Road Safety cell to look after the issues on Road Safety and Liasoning with various line Departments and comply with the directions of the Road Safety Committee smoothly. Procurement of equipments like breath analyzers and related enforcement equipments are under way:-

With the directions of the Secretary, Committee on Road Safety, Supreme Court of India the State has undergone the following developments since the formation of State Road Safety Council and District level Committees:

i) Set up a State Road Safety Council, hold meetings of the Council at least twice a year and file Action Taken Reports on the decisions taken by the Council.

Action Taken- Road Safety Committee at the State level and District levels has already been set up. Copies enclosed. Awareness program was conducted on road safety measures by the RTOs throughout the State. (more specifically during the recent Road Safety Week).

ii) Set up a Lead agency which will act as the Secretariat of the Council and also coordinate all activities relating to road safety in the State. These would include the functions of the Police, PWD, Education Department, Local Bodies, NGOs and other Departments which are concerned with Road Safety.

Action Taken- Lead Agency has been notified including Police, Health, PWD, HRDD, Roads and Bridges, Border Roads Organization, Ngo’s and Local Bodies.

iii) Draw up a Protocol for the Identification of Black Spots, their removal and further monitoring to see the effectiveness of the action taken.

Action Taken- Black Spots have already been identified by Crime Branch, Police Department based on the Number of multiple accidents at certain spots within the State. Further necessary follow up action will be taken by Roads and Bridges/ PWD Department.

iv) Strengthen enforcement relating to drunken driving, over speeding, red light jumping and helmet/ seat belt laws.

Action Taken- Necessary action has been taken by the State Police Department.

v) Strengthen patrolling of roads specially the National Highways and also take such engineering measures as are necessary on those roads to reduce accidents.

Action Taken- Already being taken up by State Police of Sikkim & West Bengal (only 41 kms of NH-10 falls in Sikkim).

vi) Adopt Traffic Calming Techniques i.e. speed reducing techniques like providing rumble strips, speed breakers, road signs etc at location where accidents are occurring due to over- speeding.

Action Taken- The Roads and Bridges Department and B.R.O. has been directed to initiate necessary Action. Matter being followed up with both the Organizations.

vii) Ban sale of alcohol on State and National Highways.

Action Taken- State Excise Department has been informed to strictly enforce & follow up.

viii) Remove hoardings and objects that obstruct driving or distract drivers.

Action Taken- A notification has been issued by the department for strict compliance.

ix) Establish a Road Safety Fund and make available a portion of the fines collected from traffic offences to the fund and also make adequate provisions in the budget for meeting expenses on road safety.

Action Taken- The State Government in the Budget 2015-16 has created the budget head for Road Safety and is providing fund.

x) Implement strictly the Schemes for road safety as sanctioned by the Government of India.

Action Taken- Under process.

xi) Prepare a Road Safety Action Plan in the format prescribed by the Government of India and submit the plan to the MoRTH with a copy to the Committee.

Action Taken- Road Safety Action Plan has already been prepared and Submitted to MoRTH in February 2015 (a copy enclosed for ready reference).

xii) Take effective measures to remove encroachment on pedestrian paths and make these paths available for the use of the pedestrians.

Action Taken- Action by State Police and Urban Development and Housing Department under process even though we have space & altitude constraints.